October 24,2014
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We have the experience and the resources
Boundary Surveys

Land Survey Plats

A Land Survey Plat (LSP) must be filed while performing a monumented land survey (property pin survey) on a parcel of land that is located in a platted subdivision that was filed over 20 years ago (as pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute 38-51-107) or on a parcel of unplatted land.

The LSP is a map of the monumented land survey, which is deposited in the public office designated by the county commissioners.

The purposes of recording this information is to provide survey data for subsequent land surveys as well as make the results of the monumented land survey a matter of public record, which may help to protect the property owner’s interests in the property.

The LSP includes several items laid out in the Colorado Revised Statutes 38-51-106.

Improvement Survey Plats

An Improvement Survey Plat (ISP) is an extended form of a Land Survey Plat, which shows the locations of all structures (improvements) within the parcel of interest. These include visible utilities, conflicting boundary evidence or visible encroachments, and any fences, hedges, or walls on or within five feet of all boundaries of the parcel.

The ISP must also show the location of all easements on the subject parcel for which there is visible surface evidence such as flagging or paint marks provided by the appropriate utility company, and tunnels for which property recorded evidence is available from the county, title company, or other source specified on the ISP.

ALTA/ASCM Land Title Surveys

Commonly referred to as an ALTA survey, an ALTA/ASCM Land Title Survey is a survey that adheres to the standards set forth by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (members of the American Congress for Surveying and Mapping). These requirements can be found in the 2005 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements.

Lot Line Adjustments

A Lot Line Adjustment is used to move a common line between two contiguous parcels.

Subdivision Plats

A Subdivision Plat is a map of a platted subdivision, which meets the requirements of Colorado Revised Statute 38-51-106 and shall be provided when subdividing a large parcel into two or more smaller parcels. It will be recorded for the purpose of creating land parcels, which can be identified uniquely, by reference to such map.

Subdivision Exemptions

A Subdivision Exemption creates a parcel that can be used for utility installations or for loan purposes.

Recorded Exemptions

The Recorded Exemption is a subdivision process used to divide a lot (not located in an approved subdivision) into two, three, or four separate lots. This process is used when the newly created lots will not conform to the county’s minimum lot size.

Easement Preparation

If an easement is needed on a property, a legal description and exhibit map will be produced to show the location of the easement and for what use it is intended.

Zoning Plats

A Zoning Plat is a map showing all zones for a specific area

USR Site Plans

Use by Special Review (USR) plans are maps with a site plan, an overall soil map (to show moderate or severe soil limitations), and adjacent property owners map (in a vicinity map).

Other items that are on the USR include topography of the site, rights-of-way, utility easements, irrigation ditches, hydrographic features (such as streams, rivers, ponds, etc.), complete traffic circulation, storm water management, and the location, amount, size and type of landscaping, fencing, walls, berms, and other screening.

Oil and Gas Well Surveys

If an Oil or Gas Well Survey is needed, the two nearest section lines are surveyed and an exhibit showing the dimensions to the section lines from the proposed wellhead location is provided.

Another exhibit showing a vicinity map of where the well will be located at a large scale is also provided while a third exhibit is provided to show improvements within a 200 foot radius of the proposed wellhead.

Property Descriptions

A Property Description means a written, narrative description of a parcel of real property or an easement for the purpose of perpetuating the location of title. These may also be referred to as legal descriptions and will be accompanied by a sketch of the parcel being described.