October 22,2014
We have the experience and the resources
We have the experience and the resources
How do I find my property pins?
  • Finding your property pins so that you may build a fence or a garage can be difficult or can be very easy depending on the information that you have and how lucky you are. When looking for your property pins you will first need a drawing of your lot with dimensions of how long the property lines are. Sometimes you are provided with an Improvement Location Certificate (ILC) at the time of closing when you purchase your property. This ILC will show the relationship of your house to your property lines with lengths of the property lines. If do not have an ILC you can contact the municipality in which you live and ask them where you can get a copy of the Subdivision Plat that contains your lot. This Plat will show the dimensions of the lot that your house is on.
  • Once you obtain a drawing with dimensions you can begin looking for your pins. Most people know where at least one of their property pins are located (a property pin is a metal bar with a 1" diameter plastic cap on it). From this pin you can use the dimensions shown on the drawing to locate the rest of your pins. A good metal detector helps a lot.
  • If you are still having a difficult time finding your property pins they just may not be in. Please feel free to contact our office for additional information or to have us come out and look for your property pins for you.